Experienced sports bettors who are familiar with the game of tennis should step back from this guide a bit and be able to take their betting to the next level. Especially if you want to make tennis betting your career, it is essential to get involved in the game from the fundamental level to understand what is going on in the match. Successful tennis betting means knowing how tennis works, the factors affecting results, what events to bet on (and possibly not participate in), and developing strategies to reduce risk.

Contrary to popular belief, you can bet on many more aspects of a tennis match or tournament than winning the game. You can bet on the simple results of tennis matches, but there are also numerous handicaps and in-play markets. There are quite a few of them, starting with basic, tournament and competition winners and ending with tennis bets in the game. There is also tennis betting concerned with what may or may not happen in the game, no matter who wins. Some online betting sites offer more fancy tennis items, such as correct score or tie-break betting.

For hardcore tennis players, when the lines are released and what side bets are available (such as exact score bets or set totals) will make a big difference. Most bookmakers will be more or less the same for casual tennis players who are still learning how to bet on tennis, offering betting lines on tournament winners and single matches. Betting on a game is similar to betting on the overall winner, but instead of betting on the winner of the entire tennis tournament, you are betting on the winner of a single match.

Spreads are usually offered in such tennis matches, giving players the option to bet on Djokovic to win in two sets or on Djokovic’s opponent to win a more evenly priced set. What’s different about betting over/under in tennis compared to other sports is that the odds of winning sometimes shift and don’t pay out equal money to both sides of the bet. The best part is that before the tournament starts, most of the players you bet on to win will pay their odds relative to their peers.

It is also worth noting that tennis is one of the most popular sports to bet on from a gambling point of view. Like other sports that spend most of their schedules out of the spotlight, tennis can reward experienced players who follow tennis odds mostly without line fluctuations due to public money. From betting on the players who will win every tennis tournament to betting on individual matches, the experienced tennis player can find value everywhere. Tennis betting offers so many options that bettors need a one-stop-shop where they can find all the betting options available. Luckily, there are many reputable sports betting sites on the internet where you can learn all about bets and predictions, how to calculate them, and how to predict the outcome of a tennis match better. The best thing to keep in mind is that you need to know the betting odds for each competing player before a major tennis tournament.